Product Description
Adopted Picosecond IR Ultra-fast Lasers are robust and affordable, it produces high energy pulses with durations below 10 ps. The laser is based on a hybrid optical amplier architecture that combines the advantages of fiber laser technology with solid state diode pumped multi-pass ampliers. Compact and water-cooled, this laser is low maintenance and never needs realignment. With burst mode optional, it could be suitable for variety applications with low cost.
Machine model
Laser source power
30W 50W 70W
Machine structure
X,Y,Z Marble Table
Max. stroke
Re-positioning accuracy of motion platform
positioning accuracy of motion platform
Supported files
CCD Vision positioning accuracy
Laser source wavelength
Beam quality
Minimum focus spot
Cooling type
Constant temperature water cooling
Processing speed
0-500mm/s adjustable
Product technical
Two tables fabrication saves loading and unloading time. The fabrication efficiency of the equipment can be improved effectively by the dual-manipulator asynchronous structure design.For the materials with simple cutting design, the fabrication capacity can be increased double time by the asynchronous loading and unloading structure. The whole set of equipment achieves non-human operation through the whole process, from glass picking up in the material frame, to the laser cutting and lowering down to the material frame after being cut, which can realize the non-human operation of the whole process.

CCD Smart Camera

CCD intelligent camera auto positioning function, which identifies material location, identifies round shape,Cruciform shape and irregular MARK point precisely, improves fabrication accuracy. Adjustable fixture structure design, suitable for different types and sizes of products, increasing the versatility of products. High pressure vacuum pump adsorption device to ensure the positioning stability of the products.

Safety and environment friendly

Fully enclosed light path structure design,to ensure the stability of the light source output during the processing, make sure the quality of product processing. The self-locking shutter design ensures the safety of operation.

High-precision Moving Components

Adopt linear motor, imported digital grating ruler, makes the machine with high precision. Gantry structure and marble working table, twice grinding process, high precision and stability.
Machine detailed pictures
Packing & Delivery